Can't preview Chinese candidate characters

I’m a bilingual student that needs to use Chinese for my homework. When I type, I need to be able to select which character I want to use as there are tons of homophones for tons of common words but I can’t.

I’ve asked around on Reddit but I can’t seem to find a solution. I’ve also enabled Suggestion Candidates and set my number of candidates to 9.



I’m guessing you’re using ibus. I’ve had various issues with ibus for years, and use fcitx5 when available, which it is on Fedora. My experience is with Japanese, not Chinese, but I’m guessing it’s similar. With Japanese you type something like shi, which first shows a phonetic character (I don’t think Chinese has that, probably just shows a like possibility), then you can use the down arrow to choose the correct character.

I dislike ibus, I find it frequently buggy. One annoying but workable workaround is to use translate, again, I’m extrapolating from my experience with Japanese, and it would be extremely awkward for anything more than a few words.

I realize that this isn’t too much help, but I would give fcitx or fcitx5 a try and see if it works any better. (Both fcitx and fcitx5 are available with Fedora.)

I use Ultramarine Linux and fcitx5 is on their software app. I’ve installed it but I’m not sure how I implement it because all the guides online seem to be for KDE but I use Budgie. I’m afraid I’ll need more help.

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I use it with more minimalist window managers, openbox, fluxbox and dwm. However, I have a page on Japanese in Linux which covers using it with Fedora. You can set it up manually, I would think, on Budgie as well.

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I don’t know what happened but the candidates preview works now.

I did: sudo dnf install fcitx5 and sudo ibus-daemon -r -d

Hopefully that works for you too.

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