Tags for languages in new scheme

Based on prior discussion, we’re going to merge the non-English language categories into one. I intend to create tags for the languages in use (and make it easy to request new ones). The question is: what should those tags be called?

This is a straw poll to help us figure that out!

Language tags should be named
  • In English. (Like, #spanish, #italian, #chinese)
  • In the native language (#español, #italiano, (and someone will have to help me with Chinese!)
  • Both (Like #spanish-español, #italian-italiano, …)
  • Something else!

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However it is done the system should force a language tag be chosen. Probably default to english if the user does not select.

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Yeah, this will only be in the “Ask in Other Languages” category, and I’ll make selecting a language tag mandatory there (only).

You will then be able to mute the whole of that category if you choose, or select specific tags to follow.

Looks like native language is winning. Can someone please tell me what I should use for the two Chinese categories and for Farsi? I can use Google Translate, but it is sometimes hard to know what should be used for a label like this.

Ping @alick @zerng07 @hedayat

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For Persian (Farsi), it should be:

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