Place for screen backgrounds, icon themes and other aesthetic pleasures. #shareyourscreen #windowshopping

I tried to add hashtags #shareyourscreen and #windowshopping, but I was politely refused.

Is this a test ballon thread or is it open for stuff?

For now is a test, we are planning to create a tag to help ordering themes and screenshots

Since it’s still in Water Cooler and tagged as social and random I guess it should be open.

Explanation: I’ve noticed that I’m promoted to some unexplainably high level of trust (avid reader I guess) and – since I’ve seen that aesthetic themes need some special place (tags were suggested) – I just thought let’s try to add those tags. (Seems that I have to read some more tutorials about Discourse and get in a mood to surf in unpredictably changing environment.) Meanwhile, we can talk on everything until we erase this topic.

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Recently there have been overwhelming interest in my “I Little Pony” icon theme and people asked why I have dis-continued the theme. Because of the interest I have revived “I Little Pony” which started as a commission work at first. But now it have become something more.

Sneak Peak

Welcome to TL3, yes while you are more active as others you got this Trust Level. Now you are able to edit Titles and add some more tags as others.

But it seams that this category here has a fix set of tags and an admin or @mattdm would need to increase that set of tags.

My problem I do see while we promote themes is, that we will get more requests on how to install them. As long as we not can guarantee that this themes we promote here are in the sens of the developers who put a lot of work into the Desktop Environments, we probably also will promote Themes who brake the Desighn of the DE and will cause more trouble than they do good.

Just a Tip about Tags. If you use the same terms as the tags in your title, they will very soon pop up in the search engine. If you want promote or give a topic a better visibility you can help to brush up the title with this specific therms you would use in tags you can’t create. :upside_down_face:

Canned response: “Search for documentation about Your preferred desktop environment that You want to `improve’.”

But, icon sets and background pictures shouldn’t cause much trouble. I guess.

I’m open to allowing arbitrary tags in this category if people prefer. Let’s discuss it over in Site Help & Feedback

Daft Punk Mono Icon theme on a grey coloured wallpaper.