Category to host themes

For Fedora 35 I posted an idea of display a video with our community #FedoraShareYourScreen . Now, there are several topics created in “The Water Cooler” category about themes, including this (IMHO super awesome) [Icon Theme] Daft Punk Mono.

This makes me think that people is interested in display their screens and their setups.

What if we create an specific tag or space to move and encourage people on share their themes?

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Let’s try a new tag in The Water Cooler — maybe even #shareyourscreen ?

I think that works. I always confuse categories and tags :person_shrugging: sorry

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The main thing is: categories are heavyweight, and should be used when there’s a different workflow or different permissions. Tags are for organizing and filtering. (I think I’d name them something else in Discourse, if it were up to me and I had a time machine. But it isn’t and I don’t!)

Is the hashtag implemented yet, I’m asking so I can move my threads to it.

I created topic, but could not make hashtags.

Got it!

Let’s move with the tag then