Arbitrary tags in Water Cooler

Two edged sword. Arbitrary tags can populate out of control. OTOH random & off-topic are too vague. So, I’m not shure what’s smart.

We could go with a middle option — a wider selection of pre-created tags.

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Suggestions, anyone?

What we have by now? Most used (not sorted by numbers, sorry): social introductions off-topic random tech-talk, oh and book-club (cool one).

But since wallpapers/backgrounds and icon-themes are very present lately, I suggest tags for those. (Oldtimers could agree with #windowshopping, but let’s wait for more opinions.) I also suggest #pets and #retrocomputing.

I added pets and retrocomputing. For the themes and icons, I think there are two separate things, although I’m not sure of the names. One is “look at at this art I made you can use” and one is “check out my sweet setup”.

I think, from the way people aren’t using it, tech-talk might be too broad. Possibly: #other-distros, #software-news, #hardware-news, and events (which already exists but only for News & Announcements).

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What about calling themes and icons for “computer art”?

Yes! Good ones! :ok_hand:

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Computer art is broad, but it would certainly be helpful as a tag.

That makes me think of, like, when people were putting on gallery displays of mandelbrot set renders… I’m not sure it feels right for icon themes and wallpapers and stuff.

Old term was: window_dressing is also acceptable.

Theming and/or ricing

Both. :ok_hand:
AND (theming #ricing)

theming is “cosmetics”, #ricing includes more then a visual tweak.

theming seems nice and neutral (and happens to already exist, so I can just add it…)

Oh, except that will make it not available in Ask Fedora. How about #desktop-themes?