[Theme] Metal Icon Theme --- release!


A cold and easy for the eyes Icon Theme suited for offices and alike. Available for Gnome, Deepin, XFCE and Budgie DE.
Wallpaper included.

If there’s any missing app icons let me know, so I can add them.




@jflory7 It’s up for the testing now.

Updated to version 0.10 - added mimetype icons.

Only those that few people use or know about (xterm, xsane, gkrellm, peek, xiphos, bibletime …). But, don’t do those, it’s kind of cute when some color pops up in such a “posh” environment. :slight_smile:

Great work! I’m already using this theme on my main machine (i darkened background image a bit), on virtual F39 (original bkgnd) and soon I’ll propagate it on two others.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Version 1.0 is now released!

  • Added: xterm, xsane, gkrellm, peek
  • Added: xiphos, bibletime,
  • Device Icons Added

Working on version 2.0 which will also contain a round version of the icon theme. Estimated time: next week.

Screenshot from 2023-11-13 11-41-25