Pipewire Crashing

For some odd reason pipewire, for lack of a better word, crashes unexpectedly.
It happens every hour or so, and it I can fix it by typing “systemctl --user restart pipewire.service”
It’ll happen again, of course. I would like to find out a more permanent fix. Also, I would like to know if anyone else has been having this issue.

I am new to pipewire in general, so any advice is appreciated.
I am on Fedora 35 (a brand new installation too, not an upgrade)

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Edit: I reinstalled Pipewire using “dnf reinstall”, I’ll update this later saying if doing that fixed my issue or not.

Hello @rolesg ,
Welcome to the ask.fp.o discussion area! If you did a fresh install, there will be an update pretty much immediately following since there have been updates since the release date. If your re-installation (of pipewire) worked for you, please mark the post with the solution that worked, if not let’s troubleshoot a bit.

My system was up-to-date when I made this post. Also the reinstall did not work.

I figured out the issue. My headphones were plugged into a USB audio card, which was plugged into a USB 2.0 port on my computer. Apparently it had just enough bandwidth to work, but it caused pipewire to crash, for some odd reason. I moved it to a 3.0 port on the back of my computer and pipewire hasn’t given me a peep since.

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It seams to be a power problem. On the back of the computer means USB-Port soldered on the motherboard. No power loss with cable extension.

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I would say it is more related to …

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It is a fact that a USB 3 port provides more power than a USB 2 port. USB2 is designed for 500 ma current while USB3 is designed for a minimum of 900 ma current.

My headphones work well on either usb2 or 3, but not all are as power miserly as mine. Without testing or knowing the exact headphones used I would concur that it could easily be power since no audio signal that I know of can exceed the data transfer rate of usb2. Thus other than power there is no significant difference for audio output between usb2 & 3 used with headphones


I gotta agree with this assessment