Pinned programs don't change after restart

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When I pin/upin programs to my panel, they don’t see the save after a restart/shutdown.

Does anyone have this same issues?

You tagged both kde and x11.
I hope you are aware that f40 kde removed the default x11 support on new installs…

As such we need a lot more information/

Did you install the supporting package to enable x11 on the newer f40 kde with a clean install? Or did you upgrade from an earlier version where x11 was already active?

Please provide the output of inxi -Fzxx so we may see some of the system details.

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Session restore is not implemented in plasma 6.
Will be added into a later release of plasma 6 I understand.

Is that what you are missing? Session save and restore?

Yes you are correct. When i switched over to wayland it started to work again.

Unfortunately I still have the issue where RAM useage slowly increases when I use wayland on Nvidia.

I’m hoping the new Nvidia driver will fix this memory leak issue.

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That assumes its the driver that the problem and not some other piece of software.

I would suggest you look for evidence of where the memory leak is.

I completely agree. I’m a little new to some of the tools to create logs and investigate entirely.

I did open system monitor and under processes it seems that Plasmashell balloons slowly with time. Once it gets to a certain point opening a program (like my librewolf browser or steam) bugs out, usually showing only the outline of the window with a totally empty center.

I’m thinking this is a nvidia issue and I just have to wait for the new driver, but I’m not sure.

Hey everyone.

Sorry for so many sudden posts, I’m on vacation this week so I have lots of time to mess with my system.

I changed my wallpaper from gif images (I have two monitors of different sizes and refresh rates) and the memory leaks stopped. It seems that there is an issue with memory leaks and gif/slideshows on fedora KDE?

I was actually able to launch a game for once with no issues and play for longer then I was ever able to previously.

It seems like it balloons again after a bit of time occasionally but this seems to be a big sore point and an issue that hasn’t been fixed specifically in KDE for a while.

There is a plasma 6.1 update in the works that I think will ship on f40.
This will also know how to take advantage of nvidia release 555’s explicit sync support.

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If it were nvidia we probably would see a lot more threads with similar issues. There seem many using nvidia and kde so I doubt it is a driver issue.

In any case, why do you think the driver would cause that.?
The driver is a kernel module of fixed size. The apps are what use memory, not the driver.

It can be logic errors in the apps when nvidia gives errors that are not handler. Just saying…

Another thread (I don’t have the link) just referenced a memory leak in plasmashell with a bug report linked in that thread.

Hi Barry and Jeff,

The issue stopped oddly by switching my background from a gif image to a regular jpeg. this seemed to cause the plasmashell memory leaks (My link above has the same issue with slideshow backgrounds).

From that link it sounds like this is something currently exclusive to Nvidia cards in KDE, But I don’t have an AMD on me to test.

Obviously I have a few apps here and there that stutter like they did before on wayland, but this is well known and not particularly worth repeating verbatim.

Basically I can finally use wayland, I’ve been using it all day yesterday. The only time I’ll need to switch back to x11 is to use one specific game I play with friends when they’re online (basically a non-issue).

Not sure if it’s worth adding that gif images cause memory leaks to any official bug report as this seems to be well known. I have a feeling that 555 will likely fix much of this when it is released.

On a positive note, I can finally see the synch between my one 165 hertz screen and 60 working correctly. This was something I just lived with while using x11. I have confidence that wayland will have a relatively positive impact and future for all hardware with time.


I think we didnt talk about your issue at all?

I have no idea what “pinned programs dont change” means.

Wayland is the fix as x11 is not supported anymore to my knowledge.