Fedora 40, KDE session would not start after login


After upgrade from F39 to F40 I cannot normally log in.

When I enter my login and passwd a black screen appears for a second and I am back in the login screen.

When I switch to CLI, log in there and do “startplasma-wayland”, the KDE desktop appears normally.

System is operational, but this behaviour is annoying. Any ideas how to solve the problem would be appreciated.


Hi Frank

Have you put the latest updates onto your system?

If not give it a try



As the subject says, I am running Fedora 40. The problem started after the system upgrade from F39 to F40. The system is fully up-to-date.


Another thread on this here

Thanks for the pointer.
I did not have plasma-workspace-x11 installed, but that was to be expected. F40 moved to wayland, so the X11 became optional.
I installed the package but I am not sure it has anything to do with my problem.
As I can start plasma from CLI doing “startplasma-wayland” without any problems I do not see how the missing package could have anything to do with the login from sddm. I cannot reboot right now, but I will try it later.
BTW, the same problem exists for root and any new account created from scratch. So it cannot be caused by any user’s configuration, it has to be systemic.


LOL I just use VNC and when I do I use Xfce

Found your issue while composing my post on the forum, maybe check it out and see if it applies to you as well. In my case (on the Xfce spin) it was caused by systemd-homed and that my /home partition wasn’t automounted.