Reboots hang on X11 Plasma Sessions

Whenever I reboot on KDE plasma X11 every app will close but I will be left with a black screen and cursor which never reboots. The only way out of this is to turn my laptop on and off again with the power button.

Which Fedora version do you use? Since 40 there is no more X11 for KDE editions so you need to use Wayland.

I believe this applies to new installs only and should not affect systems that were upgraded from f39. There also is a package that can be installed to enable X11 even on the new installs.

I use fedora 40. I mostly use wayland but periodically wayland breaks with nvidia drivers so I need to use x11 until its fixed.

I was under the impression that Fedora 40 and up does not use X11 anymore, but it seems I am wrong. Sorry for this.

the not-supported-by-KDE plasma-workspace-x11 package (still part of fedora 40) enables plasma over x11 (thank god). however, the unable to shutdown/reboot problem described above is still there, in spite of having been reported as a bug that was closed as ‘fixed’ (2290894 – Restart / Shut Down / Log out no longer work after upgrading plasma-workspace to