Photo printing app for multiple photos on one page

Hi folks,

I’m trying to print multiple photos, let’s say 4, on one DIN A4 page.

As far as I remember there was a simple app, you could load, turn and move photos on a sheet and also could adjust the space between the photos.

Now I sadly don’t remember its name and the only software similar I found is “photocollage”, but it just does a random fitting without any opportunity to meaningful adjust something.

There is a way using a system printer dialoge option introduced by “shotwell” (auto size), however this also has no option to adjust the layout any further, so I end up with lots of wasted space between the photos.

Maybe somenone has a tip on that?


Libre Office Impress would let you make your own templates for that.

As it comes preinstalled.

Unfortunately nice handy tools come and go, depending of persons who maintain the packages/apps.

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Yeah, that’s true.

Probably I remember that wrong and it basically was an app from the Debian repo.

In the current Fedora repo, there is an app “gthumb” which as well seems to add an option to the system printing dialogue, there you can turn single photos and also it is also possible to adjust the size of certain photos.

It still is limited, but better than the functionality that is added by shotwell.