Basic Photo Editor - any recommendations please?

Coming from Mac, I found all the editing functions I needed inside “Preview”, which provided more features than I need. I don’t have time for a big learning curve (Photoshop/Gimp). I just want to occasionally be able to add some text to an image, or an arrow and box to highlight something, and maybe rotate. Not much more than that needed.

I have done research and everything I have found seems pretty flakey, flawed, or so old and insecure I won’t install it. Just wondered if anyone has any suggestions for a very basic photo editor?

PS While on the subject. I am looking for an equivalent to Mac iPhoto/Photos app. After researching I think Shotwell is about the closest I am gonna find, but if anyone has any suggestions to consider, I am all ears on that front too :slight_smile:

XnView MP

I’m using an tarball extracted to /opt
AppImage is also available

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Thanks, I did already look at that and it seems way too complex for what I’m looking for. Folder views etc. I just want something like Paint used to be, somewhere to open one image and add some text/lines. i will probably use Shotwell to view and organize image libraries, just want something for editing a quick screenshot, to highlight or put a box around something

Just found Gwenview - Perfect!


I use gThumb, GIMP, Inkscape.

but for your usecase Gwenview or gThumb are probably all you need.

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yep - Gwenview does everything, without complicated stuff to tempted me down any dangerous rabbit holes :smiley: (SVG? Yuk!)