Permissions in this space to pin posts

I really like Discourse allows us to pin certain topics to give people quick information about what’s going on here, and perhaps link the docs etc. Which is exactly what I did in my previous post.

But it looks like I’m missing some permissions to pin posts, though.

@bcotton Can you give me (and perhaps other editors) admin rights here, so we can pin posts?

I’ve created a “magainze_editors” group, with bcotton, asamalik, and pfrields as admins and all of the editors who have Discussion accounts as members. This group is now a moderator for the Magazine category.

Can you pin a message now, @asamalik?

Maybe I’m not looking right, but probably not. Can’t see any option to do that for this topic for example.

Alas, looks like moderator status in a category is not sufficient to give you the ability to pin posts. I elevated you to “trust level 4”, which should allow that (globally).

I feel honoured to be trusted on level 4! Anyway, that fixed it, thanks!