Pantum P2207 Printer install issue on Fedora 30

I obtained a Pantum p2207 Laser printer. I had to install the ppd files manually as Pantum was not on the list drivers, and the driver search during install did not pick up the printer.

After install and send a print to the printer, Cups fails with message “Filter Fails”.

I have followed the recommendation on other forums to resolve, but to date I am not able to to get the printer to work. Also tried the generic PCL Laser driver with no success.

Cups debug files remains empty, even if I switch debugging on.

I need an expert in cups and printer configurations to take me further for the pantum p2207 printer on Fedora.

Hello and welcome to the community @starchyme. If you are connecting the printer via USB then lsusb should tell you whether it is seen. You could also have a read of this on the topic CUPS Troubleshooting

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