Cups not responding


I’ve got a Laptop, which behaves rather oddly, when it comes to configuring a printer.

Example 1: I open system-config-printer, click on “Add”, enter a device URI (“socket://”), click on forward. A dialog appears, showing “Searching for drivers” for a long time. Finally an error message appears: "There was an error during the CUPS operation: ‘Success’.

Example 2: I logon to, click on “Administration”, “Add Printer”, select “App Socket/JetDirect”, enter the connection “socket://hostname:9100”, click on “Continue”, enter a printer, name, and location, click on “Continue” again. The browser waits a long time, finally displaying the message

    Unable to get list of printer drivers:

    > Success

Example 3: This one’s particularly reproducable:

    [jwi@tarqeq ~]$ time lpinfo -m
    lpinfo: Success

    real	1m1.022s
    user	0m0.025s
    sys	0m0.014s

Any ideas?

Verify the printer is reachable:

ping -w 3
nmap -Pn -sV -p 9100

It sure is.

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Try to add the printer with CLI:

sudo lpadmin -E -u allow:all -p PrinterName \
    -v socket:// -P /path/to/driver.ppd