Different printer lists


trying to get a new printer running on two different Fedora 33 laptops, noted a strange thing:

I’ve got a single printer in /etc/cups/printers.conf (see below). In my opinion, the setup matches the
recommendations from the
Brother Support Site,
so I’d expect that to work. (Except, it doesn’t, but that’s another story.)

If I visit the Cups Administration UI (http://localhost:631), I see exactly one printer, which is as expected. But, if I visit

  1. the printers page in the Gnome control center
  2. system-config-printers
  3. the “Print” menu in Firefox, or LibreOffice,

then I find another printer. If I remove that printer, then it simply gets readded. Why is that? Is there another source of Printers (apart from Cups)?



<DefaultPrinter Brother-MFC-L3750CDW>
    PrinterId 6
    UUID urn:uuid:6def9611-17ee-3fec-66b0-d7f1afa02fd7
    Info Brother MFC-L3750CDW
    MakeModel Brother MFC-L3750CDW CUPS
    DeviceURI lpd://
    State Idle
    StateTime 1611785807
    ConfigTime 1611785789
    Type 8392796
    Accepting Yes
    Shared No
    JobSheets none none
    QuotaPeriod 0
    PageLimit 0
    KLimit 0
    OpPolicy default
    ErrorPolicy stop-printer