Open remote applications using ssh

Hi everyone,

I have two Fedora systems.
From one of the systems (“local”), I logged in to the other (“remote”) using ssh -X.
I am opening applications in the remote systems such as “nautilus &” file manager, and was hoping it will open the GUI in the local system. That’s how it used to work before. Now, it’s opening the file manager in the remote system.
Any suggestions to get the applications to open in the local system?


Hi @vgaetera ,

Thanks for sharing the link.

It was a little complicated for me to understand, which post in it is the solution.

And, is it not possible to do this using ssh -X, because I used to do it that way before.


I just rechecked on my system. I have 2 Fedora 39 machines and ssh -X connects and allows me to open a gui app on the remote system with display on the local system.
This image shows the results. The black screen portion at the bottom is the text window showing the commands.

HI @computersavvy ,

Thanks for your reply.

For me, after submitting “nautilus” command, no GUI opens on the local machine.

What could be the issue?



You only waited a very short time between launching nautilus and the time you entered the ^Z. Less than 1 min 20 sec between 2 commands and part of that was the ^Z which stopped nautilus wherever it was in the startup.

I am using F39, Workstation with gnome and wayland on both systems.

Hi @computersavvy ,

It’s working fine. Thanks.

The ssh session closes after some time, if not used. What could be the reason for it?

21:00:43 ~ >
Broadcast message from gdm@fedora on tty1 (Mon 2023-11-13 21:11:14 IST):

The system will suspend now!

Fedora, with release 38 decided to have the systems auto-suspend after 15 minutes of inactivity (keyboard & mouse). I believe all spins except the server were included.


  1. look at similar related threads about the suspend issue
  2. Start your own thread since that suspend message is not related in any way to the errors in the original post here, as well as this thread is already marked with a solution.

Sure @computersavvy .

This is probably relevant.

Hi @computersavvy ,

Thanks for your post. This issue is solved for me.


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