Putty x11 forwarding from Fedora to Windows

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Sorry guys, I must be doing something stupid with ssh and I need your help.

So I have configured xlaunch and putty on windows with xforwarding and the ip of my fedora 37 machine in my router network.
i am logged in both machines at the moment to check.
When I open e.g. gnome-clocks from windows and I look at my fedora machine it is opening the app gui on my local session while nothing shows up in windows from xlaunch xming.
Any clues where I am probably going wrong? Thank you!

wait a moment, I’ve managed to start firefox from fedora ssh and make it show up in my window xlaunch by logging out of my local f37 session but the issue remains for gnome gui, indeed I also see a crash
reported here and an erro message inside it: “XInput2 support not found on display
By reporting my crash I have created a new bug id

Creating a new bug
New bug id: 2179304
Adding External URL to bug 2179304
Adding attachments to bug 2179304
Status: NEW https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2179304

Ok, now the problem is (or seems to be) ony related to gnome-clocks for which the above bug id has been reported (while firefox, evolution e.g. are ok). So the main issue about ssh x11forwarding here can be considered solved.

I like to point out that I need to be logged out as user session from the local fedora machine to make the gui open in ssh x11forwarding on windows: anyone confirming that this is normal?

I think gnome-clocks is special in that it creates some kind of background process on first launch (this is used to schedule alarms and timers). Subsequent launches may only trigger this first process to spawn a window or do something else. I’m not happy with that situation and design, you can read more about it in the very first bug on gitlab.