Fedora35 X11 forwarding

Hi I’ve just installed fedora35 to my laptop, and while playing around with virtulaization i was tryign to use ssh -X to forward a display back.

I usually set GDM to X11 and am making an effort to stick with Wayland… this may be the issue but i’m not sure… does anybody know for sure if X11 forwarding over ssh is working as expected with a default install of F35 ?


Turns out my problem was a setting on the server side, X11 forwarding seems to work just fine on wayland in Fedora 35.

The problematic line on the server side was in /etc/ssh/sshd_config
defautls to
X11UseLocalhost yes
changed this to
X11UseLocalhost no

And restarted sshd on the VM, X11 forwarding works as expected now.