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Hello Silverblue users and developers,

Does anybody know where I can find the official Linux documentation of connecting/pairing a bluetooth device*?

I recently bought the Dell XPS 13 (9380) in combination with the Dell Premier Wireless Keyboard and Mouse (KM717) but I cannot connect to either of them using bluetooth**. They simple don’t show up in the GNOME Settings app.

Now I want to connect to them manually using the command-line. Does anybody know where I can find the official commands that I have to use for this?

Thanks in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Scott Trakker
(not my real name)

* The page seems outdated.
** The 2.4 ghz wireles band works fine.

Bluez doesn’t have much in the way of documentation, but you can check the Arch wiki for some info. That being said, GNOME also interfaces with bluez afaik, so you might not have much more luck here…

Hello Refi64,

Thanks a lot for helping me. I’m going to check that webpage! I didn’t know I could use the wiki of Arch Linux.

Yours sincerely,

Scott Trakker


sudo rpm-ostree install bluez-hid2hci bluez-tools bluez-libs-devel

The Arch wiki mentions the hid2hci specifically for Dell and ThinkPad computers. I ran the above on my ThinkPad E585 and after a couple of restarts the bluetooth magically appeared (it was asking me to connect a dongle before). If it is still not working then maybe run the command “bluetoothctl” from the command line (use “help” once inside to navigate) and poke around there to see if you can get some pairings.

Best of luck!