Nvidia setings for application profile

Hey all,
I have installed nvidia drivers on fedora32 with intel’s drivers as I have two GPUs.
I have set Intel GPU as my primary driver to save some battery.
I work as fx artist and I work with houdini application, it is a 3d application which does simulations. Houdini works well but It sometimes crashes cause my primary driver is set to Intel instead of Nvidia. If I enable Option “PrimaryGPU” “yes” then application runs smoothly but it drains the battery a lot.
Is there any way to create profile for that application to use Nvidia as OpenGL driver ?
Or is there any way that I can switch my graphics on fedora while I use that application ?

I was also curious if I can set application profile in nvidia-settings for that application to use Nvidia as OpenGL renderer.

Thank you.

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I would hazard a guess from the information you posted that you are using a laptop and that it has the dual video configuration (and maybe is fairly new).

If that is correct then when you install the nvidia drivers the system will automatically use the intel gpu as primary and will only use the nvidia when needed, or when you tell it to use the nvidia for a specific application.
Setting the nvidia gpu as primary for continuous use does use a lot more power and if you are concerned with battery life then this other method might work for specific applications for you instead of setting it as the primary.

Simply right-click on the shortcut of the application that you would want to run using the discrete GPU and click on “Launch using dedicated graphics card”.

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Hi @computersavvy,
Thank you for the reply, But I already about the prime, but I am not sure if I have configured it in the right way. As the application shows that it is using its CUDA for openCL but it is not using nvidia for openGL.
Can you please guide me to set up Nvidia Prime on fedora in the right way ?
I am not been able to see any option like that when I right-click, I guess that is available in ubuntu, not in fedora.

Thank you.

I use F32 and the instructions I gave above work for me.

Simply right-click on the shortcut of the application that you would want to run using the
 discrete GPU and click on “Launch using dedicated graphics card”.

Note that you do not want to set the intel card as primary because it is the default video card and it is used that way. I believe that setting one of the cards as primary means it will always be used instead of allowing you to switch when you wish.
As long as neither card is specified as primary the right-click menu option will allow the use of the discrete nvidia card for specific applications while the intel card is used for everything else…

If this works “__NV_PRIME_RENDER_OFFLOAD=1 glxgears”, try “__NV_PRIME_RENDER_OFFLOAD=1 application”

Hi, thanks. I have managed to make it work. I have updated those variables in environment for the application. thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

Hi, @computersavvy
Thank you for the guide, but I believe those options are available in gnome and cinnamon, I have fedora kde. It doesn’t provide the option to run application in dedicated graphics with right click.
I have managed to make prime work properly. thanks for support.

Glad you fixed it. Yes, I use gnome and don’t have experience with KDE so my guide was for gnome.

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