How to change from intel to nvidia GPU?

Many thanks ahead of time!

I’ve got Fedora Kinoite installed on a Dell 5530 laptop that has two video devices, an Intel UHD 630 and an Nvidia Quattro P1000. I’m running xorg and not Wayland (crashed too many times on me)

I’ve got the nvidia drivers loaded, nouveau is blacklisted. The nvidia control panel comes up ok, reports the driver is fine. Everything looks good! Running inxi shows the intel as GPU device 1 and the P1000 as device 2.


When I check glxinfo to see which card is the openGL renderer it comes back as the intel device. When I run a game it’s running on the intel device instead of the nvidia GPU.

Is there something else I need to do to set the default graphics mode to the Nvidia GPU? Did some searching but I couldn’t find a direct answer.

This is why I’ll never buy a laptop with Nvidia if I plan to use Linux on it ever again. I’ve been through this with 2 Dell XPS laptops over the years. To answer your question though, you have to use the Prime Offload script when launching the application you want to use with the Nvidia GPU.

Which package has the nvidia-prime script in fedora?


You are using kinoite so this may not apply, but this is what I use and recommend for those on the normal rpm based laptops.

AFAIK you should be able to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ and place that file in there. Then as long as you are running xorg and not wayland the nvidia GPU should be the one used.