How to put Nvidia PrimaryGPU

I followed the steps How to Set Nvidia as Primary GPU on Optimus-based Laptops :: Fedora Docs

to set the NVIDIA driver as the primary GPU. However, when I run ‘glxinfo | egrep “OpenGL vendor|OpenGL renderer,”’ it still shows:

OpenGL vendor string: Intel OpenGL renderer string: Mesa Intel(R) Xe Graphics (TGL GT2)

also, Once done, open up the nvidia.conf
from the copy destination and edit it to add

Option “PrimaryGPU” “yes”

The system, in the settings, recognizes both NVIDIA GeForce MX450 and Intel® Xe Graphics (TGL GT2), but I want to remove Intel and have only NVIDIA. How can I do this?


Graphics NVIDIA GeForce MX450 / Intel® Xe Graphics (TGL GT2)

It’s a common graphics card, and I’m also experiencing HDMI-related problems. It doesn’t connect to another monitor, similar to others I’ve already resolved. I noticed there were some issues with NVIDIA, and I’m trying to fix them.

i got it

Two factors may be involved.

  1. secure boot can interfere with loading the nvidia drivers if they are not signed. This can be discovered with lsmod | grep nvidia and if that command returns a list of nvidia modules loaded then secure boot is not a factor.

  2. The instructions in that linked doc do not tell the user the only way it works is if the user logs in using the xorg desktop. That method is not effective when using a wayland desktop.
    If the steps in that doc were followed properly then using the gear icon at the lower right corner of the login screen where you enter the password will allow selecting to use xorg and thus use only the nvidia gpu.

A third issue is that you do not actually remove the intel device, merely ignore it and use only the nvidia device.

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