Optimus-system not switching NVIDIA GPU to primary - Fedora 38

I have a SAGER laptop which I gather is optimus-based since it shows Intel and NVIDIA (RTX 4070) GPUs. I followed the steps in this article, but the NVIDIA GPU is not successfully switching to primary.

I shared a lot of diagnostics for the system in a previous post, which I closed since the original question had actually been answered.

What should I do going forward to solve this? Is there some way I can debug this further?

Probably the cause is that the instructions there do not tell one it only works when using the xorg desktop. When using wayland those changes are not effective.
When you log in, on the password screen at the lower right is a gear icon. Clicking there allows one to select xorg for the login and should then use only the nvidia GPU.

Oh gosh. I thought Xorg was the default. Yes, this fixed the problem. Thank you so much Jeff!!