Nvidia Graphics Card is not Primary

I followed every step carefully in the document but my primary GPU is still Intel® UHD Graphics (TGL GT1).

I reinstalled Fedora. And, wanted to make sure other tools I use doesn’t have any effect on this.


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carefully read and follow How to Set Nvidia as Primary GPU on Optimus-based Laptops :: Fedora Docs hope you did install needed packages How to Set Nvidia as Primary GPU on Optimus-based Laptops :: Fedora Docs

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and you didn’t do first step ‘sudo dnf update’ I know because your kernel still 6.9.4 should be 6.9.5

That was a screenshot I took a couple of days ago. It’s currently like this:

I get no callback from dracut:

sudo akmods --force
sudo dracut --force
Checking kmods exist for 6.9.5-200.fc40.x86_64 [  OK  ]

Is it a valuable information to solve the issue?

Switching to X11 resolved the issue.

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Please avoid using images for textual data. Images will not be found by others searching with web tools for similat issues/hardware, so is less helpful to the broader linux community that text versions.

The same Gnome System Details Report report for this system (pasted as text):

System Details Report

Report details

  • Date generated: 2024-06-24 13:51:14

Hardware Information:

  • Hardware Model: Dell Inc. OptiPlex 3070
  • Memory: 16.0 GiB
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-9500 × 6
  • Graphics: Intel® UHD Graphics 630 (CFL GT2)
  • Disk Capacity: 750.2 GB

Software Information:

  • Firmware Version: 1.27.0
  • OS Name: Fedora Linux 40 (Workstation Edition)
  • OS Build: (null)
  • OS Type: 64-bit
  • GNOME Version: 46
  • Windowing System: Wayland
  • Kernel Version: Linux 6.9.5-200.fc40.x86_64

@kaahn Thanks for stopping by, I left comments on the Bug for the Docs and have been trying to get them updated for some time now. docs-team

Added docs-team and removed gnome, intel

Added wayland, x11

That doc seriously needs one thing to be suitable.

It should clearly state that the solution given is only applicable when the user is logged in with X11 and does not apply when using Wayland.

I am not certain how much longer that will even apply since at some point in the future Fedora will totally remove X11 from the picture. It has already been removed from the KDE spin iso and as I understand it is planned to be removed from the Workstation iso with the f41 version.

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That’s what we discussed and I made the PR, Changed it because I mistakenly added other changes, Resubmitted a PR, and the OP ( which I found out 3 days afterwards while checking the status of the merge ) had the issue.

My goal would be that after testing the other Wayland solution it would be included down the line.

Either way, the Doc needs to be current with the times. Not dormant waiting on future plans. People will naturally gravitate to the current Docs.

Historical references are a whole other issues to discuss.

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