How to check which Nvidia driver is being used

I installed drivers through this which I found linked in this forum - t0xic0der/nvidia-auto-installer-for-fedora Copr

Now when I open settings I can see my NVIDIA GPU instead of my intel integrated card but I can’t tell whether it is using the right drivers or not(I think fedora comes with it’s own to start with?)

I would also like to set it to a ‘hybrid’ mode if it exists. I basically want it to use the dedicated card only when I’m doing something graphic intensive and use the integrated card the rest of the time. How can I set that up?

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I assume you are using a laptop with the dual GPU. If that is the case then the integrated card is the default primary GPU.

Using gnome to open applications you can right-click the icon and select to use the dedicated GPU. If you just double click it as normal then it uses the default gpu

I cannot view it the same as you will see it since I have the nvidia card set as primary on my laptop. However, you can see lots of detail using xrandr, lspci, and inxi to look at what is actually being used.

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thanks, most of the games I’ve tested seem to work on dedicated automatically so I don’t think I’ll need it but that is an easy way to switch