NVIDIA Optimus slows down KDE (or the system)?

I’m having a laptop with NVIDIA GPU, after a fresh installation, everything runs smoothly. But right after installing akmod-nvidia, everything became a bit laggy. For exmaple, launch dolphin for the first time after rebooting would take about 2 seconds or more, but before installing the driver, it would only take half a second.
I have no idea how could a GPU driver slows down something like launching an app that doesn’t use NVIDIA GPU, I’m wondering if anyone have encountered the same issue, not sure if it’s a common issue or just me.

I’m using KDE Wayland btw, but I didn’t start the session in NVIDIA.

Here’s my hardware details
Model: Gigabyte AORUS 15P XD
CPU: i7-11800H
GPU: RTX 3070
Firmware Version: FE02

You should provide the laptop model and details of the graphics hardware so others with similar hardware can compare experiences. It would also be helpful if you can quantify loss of performance compared to published results for similar hardware, see GPU benchmarks in Linux.

Sorry, I forgot to include it, just edited the post to include it.

Maybe this could help

I cannot get kde wayland to work with nvidia.
I had to use x11 instead.

What i see is that top shows plasma wayland processs using 100% cpu.
Do you see that as well?

Thanks, but it’s still the same, apps are still slow to launch.

Some apps do feel as snappy as they was, such as Konsole, but some apps like Dolphin is still slow to launch.

No, my plasma wayland process is not using 100% cpu.

I wonder if your disk is slow and that is why some apps are slow.
In kinsole are command lines tool that use the disk slow?
Does that make sense?

It is worth checking the output of dmesg to see if the kernel is detecting issues.

I don’t think it’s about my disk speed, because everything was snappier before installing Nvidia Driver.
By slow I mean slow to launch the apps themselves, not doing something inside the app, like opening files or executing commands.

BTW, apps in my virtual machine can launch faster than my host machine :joy: