” “Not enough free space on selected disks.” message when trying to install fedora


I’m trying to install fedora but I can’t get past the installation destination part.

When I choose my disk (1To hhd) and try to partition it, they write that “Automatic partitioning failed. Click for details.”

When I look for more infos, a “Not enough free space on selected disks.” message get displayed, even though the hard drive is empty (I formated it on windows)

Please help

This post describe my issue perfectly with the difference that I didn’t select 2 disks

Please be more specific than this as there are options in the partitioning screen of the installer and it is not clear which ones you choose.

I choose custom

Then “do it automatically” if I recall properly

You can install Fedora only into “free space” on disk. So, if you formatted the whole things as NTFS partition (Windows), I’d recommend deleting that partition first, and then start the installer again. (From what I remember, you can also delete the partition within the installer)

If that was this option:

and you did not check the “Free up space by removing or shrinking partitions”, then there is no free space to install as the partition created and formatted under Windows takes whole disk already.


So you have a single disk which is partitioned under Windows (I assume with NTFS) and during install you did not check the the “Free up space by removing or shrinking partitions”, right ?

No, I have one internal disk which contains windows and I’m trying to install fedora on a separate external hard drive

For installer of any OS (maybe except those which can install into a file under another OS) the place is taken if there is a file system on a disk, even if that file system is totally empty. If you still want to install Fedora to that external disk, you have 2 options - a) remove existing file system on that disk or b) shrink existing file system by using some of file system management tools. You can do either before starting installer, e.g., in Windows using Disk Management or a 3rd party tool, or during Fedora installation. But you need to make room on the disk by removing or shrinking existing file system(s) on the disk. Remember, even empty file system (containing no files) on the disk takes up space as it represents structure on the disk to store files similarly as a database might take space even it contains no single table and record in it yet.

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How do I remove the existing file system on my external drive using windows disk management?

I only know how to shrink it

Right click on a partition on your external disk and choose Delete Volume - be extremely careful selecting the partition to delete as you will loose data/files if wrong partition is chosen.

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