Fedora 35 RC1.2 installer: "Not enough free space on selected disks." on selecting 2 disks

I tried to install Fedora 35 RC 1.2 into my Framework Laptop. And I found an issue. As I saw the document about the test Test Results:Fedora 35 RC 1.2 Summary - Fedora Project Wiki , I couldn’t understand where I could report. So, expecting this issue will be fixed on Fedora 36 installer, I would report here. Could you tell me where is the right place to report?

Seeing another thread about Framework Laptop, I would use same category and tags with it.

As I am a new user on this forum, and I couldn’t upload more than 2 images, I posted it to the Framework Laptop’s forum.

Here is the report.

Look at your first screen shot. When discs have data or other OSs on them, Anaconda tries to not disturb existing data. You must select “make additional space available” before the installer can progress. Anaconda is not like other installers. Often, users from the Debian world have trouble with Anaconda. I got hung up on this the first time I set up Fedora 29.

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