Not able to log into forum

Some of our new Outreachy intern candidates are having trouble logging in with their Fedora accounts. When they enter their credentials to log in and hit enter the page just refreshes instead of logging them in. Do we know if there’s anything going on right now with the Discourse or Fedora Infra? One intern I was speaking with said they had the same issue when trying to log into Pagure.

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My understanding is that there was an issue this morning. I was debugging together with @tosindoreen and @kevin, and folks who are using Windows may have an incorrect prompt appears due to Kerberos authentication. Apparently, Windows causes that misleading prompt to appear.

The suggestion is to close the prompt and use the login on the web page. @tosindoreen tried that earlier during the outage time and it did not work, but tried again later and was able to log in. My hunch is that there was some inconvenient timing with people trying to log into FAS when the authentication servers had fallen down.

We can continue using this topic to debug on behalf of folks who are not able to log in, though.