I cannot log in to COPR

When I try to log in into copr.fedorainfracloud.org after entering valid credentials I encounter infinite redirection error from Firefox. I tried to use private mode too, without success.

Can you show the exact error?

Can you log in to https://id.fedoraproject.org?

Yes, without issue. The problems seems to live on the COPR side, not in accounts system.

Does not work even with private mode.

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Do NOT use your email address. Use your account login instead. :slight_smile:
The old account system allowed you to use email in places where the account login should be used, but the new account system doesn’t support that (although some parts of it appear to, like ipsilon/id).
Sorry for the confusion there. ;(


Unfortunately, it does not work too. With e-mail address as username I get redirection error as on screenshot. With proper username instead of redirection error from web browser, login screen in id.fedoraproject.org just refreshes without any feedback. I tried in private mode too. :frowning:

Okay, I was able to log in with tomaszgasior. Described error happened when I tried to log in as TomaszGasior.

IMHO accounts system needs some serious work on user experience in context of error messages.

Yes, it’s not great… and there already is a bunch of work on fixing it up, it’s just not yet landed/been deployed. :frowning: Sorry for the hassle.