FAS authentication is broken

I am trying to log in COPR via FAS and since 2 days now, I can’t. I always got a gateway timeout.
Is there any known problem with FAS ?

Still down.
I was able to login one time but after that, copr repo was out of service.

Still? Can you log into Overview - fedora-infrastructure - Pagure.io to file a ticket?

If not, https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/infra/day_to_day_fedora/#_emergencyauthentication_issues should get more immediate attention from the admin team than posting here (I hope).


Yes, still a problem.
I just checked . I can reach the web page for authentication but I’ve got a timeout.
Sometimes, after the timeout, several seconds after the timeout, I can log on copr …
I will fill a ticket ASAP.

I was able to log in pagure without problem, but it looks like I have problems when I log on copr only .

Ticket created: Issue #11025: Cannot log in COPR via FAS, I've got a timeout - fedora-infrastructure - Pagure.io
And after the timeout, I was logged in 30 seconds after the timeout …

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