Unable to Login to accounts.centos.org

I am unable to login to my Fedora Account.Two factor authentication is enabled in my account, and I am using FreeOTP(iPhone) app for the authentication. Every time I am trying to log in to my account I am getting an error message “bad credentials”. I tried to change the password but after creating new password when I type the auth code I am getting error message : “invalid code”.

Any idea how to solve the issue ? I am trying to log in in to my account for almost 3 days without any luck.

Please report your issue to Fedora Infrastructure team


Hi Alessio

I clicked on the above link to report the issue to the Fedora Infrastructure team but I am getting below message :

" https://pagure.io/ wants to use your Fedora Account

enter your Fedora Account credentials below to authorize https://pagure.io/ "

When I try to log in I am getting this message : “OpenID request was cancelled”

Any suggestions?