How to join discussion on new fedora project vision statement

I would like to join in the conversation here, but I am unable to login to the forum page. As soon as I link there I am no longer signed in, and the forum will not recognise my login and password. I tried creating a new password for the site but couldn’t as my email address is already registered. I tried updating my password (using the “forgot password” function) but still I can’t login. Can anybody advise what I have to do to login to the site? This is the url:

Thanks, Ian

Did you managed to resolve that?
That is a mailing list.
To log in to the web interface you should use the same account (the FAS account) you use on this discussion forum, then you have to subscribe to the mailing list selecting the appropriate email address.
Or, since the mailing lists run on mailman, you could subscribe by sending an email to

Thanks @alciregi, no I still can’t login. I’ve checked my login to this forum (it has a new password now, since I changed it trying to login to the discussion). However that userid/password combo doesn’t work on the discussion forum.
What would I need to put in the email? A request for a userid and password for the forum? A request to allow access using my FAS login? Is it read by a human or is it automated?

Hi @mogplus8
To be clear, do you mean that you are unable to log in here?

Are you inserting Login and Password in this form?

Correct. If I open that page and put in my userid and password I get a message saying userid and/or password are not correct.

I sent an email to the email address you gave me in your last post. I got a reply saying that it didn’t recognise any of the commands I had in the body of the email. Hardly surprising, it was intended for a
human reader. So it is some sort of automated system that I have no idea how to work.

I also got another email saying that the forum had received an email requesting access for my email address. To confirm it asked me to reply to the email without changing the subject. I’ve done that (a few minutes ago) so maybe that will do it. Not sure where that request came from, maybe my attempt to email them prompted a basic reply or something.

Anyway thanks for the reply and the help. I’ll let you know what happens (if anything).

:-\ Ian

In order to use the same user/password of this forum ( you have to click on the Fedora button.

@alsiregi that seems to have done it. I’ve logged in, and after some exploring (I find the site a bit confusing and hard to navigate) I found the discussion. It seems I’m subscribed to it, but read only. I can’t figure out how to post. Is there something else I need to do?
Thanks, Ian

Ok @mogplus8, now you can search the mailing list (council-discuss) from the web interface and find the conversation you are interested in.
For convenience you can click directly on this link.
You can read all the previous messages in this thread.

Now if you click on Reply, as you can see in this picture

Your mail client should open, and you can contribute to the discussion!

Perfect! Thanks so much for you help @alsiregi, much appreciated. I hope I can make a positive contribution to the discussin.

:wink: Ian

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