No right click on KDE Plasma?

howdy - i’ve been using GNOME for a while and switched over to KDE a couple weeks ago. plan on sticking with it for a while, i like it. i know i reached out here about it a few days ago, and i’m trying to avoid posting for every little thing.
right clicking isn’t registering since switching over to KDE. it did with my bluetooth mouse, but isn’t with the trackpad. i use a Framework laptop. didn’t have this issue with GNOME. i also thought i could change up the trackpad gestures, but haven’t found that option yet, but that’s something for another time.
any suggestions for the right click on the trackpad though? i know i can press Ctrl when clicking to get the right click functionality but that’s not ideal. couldn’t find anything in the settings, so not sure what, if anything, could be done. thanks to everyone in advance :pray:

Go to your system settings → input device → touchpad, and then you should find options to configure your input devices.

wow, i completely missed that :man_facepalming:t2: really appreciate that! thanks for the help :pray:t2:

so it looks like it only works if you have tap to click enabled, which i didn’t. didn’t wanna enable tap to click, but i think that might be the only option without buttons on the trackpad, like on a thinkpad or something.
but i do use right click a lot, so it’s not that big a deal - i’ll roll with the tap to click option. thanks again :slight_smile: