Right click works as left click on Fedora 36(Gnome)

Hi. I recently installed Fedora 36 with gnome, and noticed that right touchpad click works as left click. I can emulate right click with two finger tap, however i was wondering whether it’s possible to use both right click and two finger tap as right click. Thanks

Is it a physical button in the bottom right, or do you want a tap in the bottom right to be right click?

Hi, thanks for reply.
Yes, i mean physical button in the bottom right.

Hi @hayk0 ,

What works for me the way you describe it is changing the settings from dconf Editor. Search for touchpad or open this path: /org/gnome/desktop/peripherals/touchpad/.

Go to click-method and select 'default' as Custom value.



Hi, thanks for your help. It worked perfectly, now i can use right physical click as a right click.

You save my life !! thanks