No mouse select/paste after upgrading to F40

At your insistence, I upgraded a test system to F40, and now I can no longer select text with a mouse and paste it with a middle-click.
This is in KDE.
Is this an intentional change?

Having played with it for some time, I realize that it is not that mouse copy/paste does not work but that KDE terminal enters some weird state in which it does not take pastes. I have not experienced that under previous versions.

I do not see this issue on any of my physical or virtual systems.
May be related to your hardware/configuration or exactly what you are doing to copy and paste.

Are running under wayland or X11?
Is it only middle button paste that is not working?
Can you do copy then paste from shift-ctrl-c and shift-ctrl-v?

Show output of inxi -Fzxx please.

Not wayland, I do not see it as a login option.
No, can’t input anything in the terminal after it locks itself up. Only can close and reopen, and then it works until something locks it up again.
Did not have this on 36 and while I was upgrading to 38. Net new in 40.

Wayland is the default in f40. To help further I need the info I asked for:
Show the output of inxi -Fzxx please.