No local disk found during installation


Newbie here…
I am trying to install Fedora 33 on an MSI all in 1 machine (PRO24X-7M-006EU) EUFI bios.
It has Windows 10 installed and I want Fedora as a dual boot. I created a 30GB partition for FEDORA.
I finally managed to boot the Workstation Live DVD from an USB hard drive.

However, when I start Anaconda, coming to the hard drive configuration, there is no hard drive visible. (Neither the built-in hard drive, nor the external drive, that was used for booting.)

I have tried

  • changing the SATA mode from RAID to ACHI, but all this does is give me the save config and reset option which reboots the machine in WINDOWS repair mode. Restarting and going back into bios and using the USB live boot override does not bring up the local drives.
  • hibernation and fast start are disabled
  • secure boot: fast boot is disabled (Windows 8.1/10WHQL enabled again, because disabling caused me to lose the Windows boot altogether AND did not bring up the disk during installation of FEDORA).

Does anybody know what I can do? I am also fine with a single FEDORA installation and lose Windows completely. But right now I cannot even do that, because of “no drive”



p.s.: I see ANACONDA is FAT32 and the local drives are NTFS. Might that create a problem?

Use the windows disk manager first to create open space for the install.
Then you have 2 issues that may require a windows repair.
RAID vs AHCI mode for the disk.
Secure boot off.
Once both those are done then you may need to boot to a windows repair image and fix windows before you can see the disk and install from anaconda.

There is another possible factor that interferes. Intel Rapid Storage Technology (commonly known as RST) often is part of the raid issue and also has to be turned off in bios.
From reading all the threads here it seems sometimes the only thing needed is turn off RST, switch RAID to AHCI, and disable secure boot. It has been reported by some that windows will then boot without repair.

There are threads elsewhere on this forum about the raid vs ahci issue and the needed windows repair. This link reportedly shows how to handle the problem.