Installer don't see hard drive

So I have in my laptop 2 hard drives in raid 0 and when I try to install fedora on it, they just don’t show up. I don’t really know what does an issue, probably raid, but I can’t really change that, is there any other way?

It probably is the raid.
Fedora has had this problem (feature) for some time since the laptops with raid are usually designed for windows access.

For most the fix seems to be entering into the machine bios and switch the sata config from RAID to AHCI which then allows the drives to be seen separately by fedora.

Note that if you have windows on that raid0 array then this type switch will break the windows install and require a reinstall since it is striped across both drives. Raid1 would only require a quick windows fix.

All in all, I expected a bit of it, but I wanted to ask. I will try with other distro, I don’t really wanna change to AHCI. Anyways thanks for help!