Fedora 32 doesn't see newly installed SSD (SATA)

Hi guys,
I had broken HDD in my laptop for quite a while. Recently I’ve installed Fedora on my second drive, I didn’t checkmark that broken drive during installation and everything was fine. Today I’ve replaced it with new SSD but my installation can’t see it so I booted into live, got into gparted, created partition table(gpt) and one primary partition with /ext4 file system on it. It didn’t help tho. I’ve googled it for quite a bit and the only solution I saw was changing SATA mode into AHCI but I already do use this mode. I’ve noticed something strange in my dmesg that I can’t explain, it was there since installation and I thought it was related to broken HDD but apparently it’s the same case for that new drive.

[ 1.063487] ata5.00: FORCE: horkage modified (disable)
[ 1.063490] ata5.00: unsupported device, disabling
[ 1.063492] ata5.00: disabled

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Do I understand right that in the live environment you see your new SSD while fedora installed on the 2nd drive does not see the new SSD? Are both fedora’s the same version?

You may want to go through this. It may help.