[raid] no device detected

I’ve just got my new thinkpad with xeon cpu and configured raid 0 in UEFI, but i don’t see that drive in an installation menu while booted from fedora 36 live usb.

isn’t raid supported in fedora?

On many systems the raid built into the bios is windows only and cannot be used by fedora.

The fix is usually to switch the SATA config in bios from RAID to AHCI (which then may require a windows recovery before installing fedora) then a reboot should be able to see the drive.

Sad to hear, but actually i can’t even find sata config, maybe cuz both drives i use are pcie?

The only thing you have told us about your machine is

Maybe if we had more info, including possibly screenshots or photos of the bios settings we may be able to assist.

I gave you a pointer about config within BIOS, and the principle is the same regardless of the hardware even though the menus may differ. Taking my statement of SATA as the only thing to look for does not make sense. You obviously know the machine is not using a SATA device, so look for what it does use.

It still should have a choice of AHCI or RAID or similar somewhere in the config

Sure, you’d like to have screenshots of all bios settings or some specific ones?
Actually what i’ve found is that raid created in bios is windows specific and for using raid under linux i should create it via mdadm

What I suggested above is to make the drives visible to the fedora installer.

If you then wish to use raid in linux after the drives are seen, yes, mdadm is the method to do that.

For sharing screenshots then you pick those that you think are useful. We can ask for more if needed.