Can't install Fedora due to connect at least one disk error

Hi community,

I’m trying to install fedora 34 to a new HP Spectre laptop and I’m having this issue where the disk selection screen is not showing any hard drive at all to perform the installation.

I did a sudo fdisk -l and it correctly shows a Disk /dev/nvme0n1: 476.94 GiB.

This laptop comes with a Windows 10 pre-installed and I disabled the trusted boot at BIOS. I am able to boot to the fedora installation USB but I can’t pass the drive selection screen because no drives can be found.

I did a test just by inserting another USB drive and it correctly appears at the local standard disks but no sight of the laptop drive.

Anyone knows what’s going on? is this one of those new security features to avoid removing Windows?

I found what the problem was, the trusted boot was not disabled in the BIOS. I went back and disabled it and (this time) saved the BIOS settings and I got it now showing the local disks at install.