No Keyboard light Control Button | Gnome 46 | HP ZBOOK Firefly

There is no ‘Keyboard’ button appearing in the settings on the top right corner of the screen although when I press Fn+F9, the light of the keyboard works fine.

I am using Fedora 40 latest updates with HP ZBOOK Firefly.

You are asking for a notification that the Keyboard Light is on ? Did you have it before? I have a Lenovo ideapadGaming3 15 and I do not have any setting outside of using Fn+Space to toggle on/off.

If you are having trouble keeping the Keyboard light on due to the timer, here are some forum post from HP on this topic. As for a Keyboard Button this might not be a feature for said device.

Added keyboard

I had a Lenovo T470p with Fedora 40 installed. It had a Blue ‘Keyboard’ Button displayed in the same place as other Blue buttons like ‘Dark Style’, ‘Airplane Mode’, ‘Wi-Fi’, ‘Bluetooth’, ‘Night Light’, etc…

With HP ZBOOK Firefly, this ‘Keyboard’ Blue button is not appearing. For FN+F9, Keyboard light is being controlled well (dim, strong and off), but I am wondering why it is not appearing with other quick settings buttons.

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That is interesting, but not unusual. I have seen some similar issues with other Keyboards. I know of a Gnome update that supposedly enabled this with some Keyboards :

I installed keyboard backlight slider, but it did not work. No keyboard light is appearing with the slider.

I can control keyboard with Fn+F9 only. It works fine here.

Did you look through the BIOS settings? Has this worked in the past with Gnome? Maybe it’s not supported or needs a driver.

I looked through BIOS. There is no related setting.

I am not sure if it ran in the past as I am installing Fedora 40 on HP ZBook for the first time.

This is what I was asking earlier. If this was something you had on Fedora/Gnome previously. It very possible your keyboard might need a driver or not have the feature supported on Linux.

This feature is apparently supported on Lenovo, but not with HP. Keeping in mind that with Fn+F9, it is working, so is it a keyboard driver issue?