Keyboard Backlit control not showing on Gnome 45.2 Desktop Quick Settings

I have a backlit keyboard (Framework 13 Laptop) and I am on Gnome 45.2

But I don’t get the Keyboard Backlit control in quick settings menu on the desktop. What should I do?

On Framework laptops, The Backlit Keyboard controls are typically FN + Space

I am facing the keyboard issue: Function Key becomes permanently pressed after a couple of minutes after boot (temporary fix: reboot) - Fedora Discussion

So, I want to use the Gnome Desktop Quick settings to adjust the keyboard brightness

The issue you are having is Framework specific. I clicked your link, which leads to a Fedora Post on this forum, but your issue is not Fedora specific as that Post links directly to a Framework forum post rabbit hole.

It is apparently a known issue with that specific keyboard make/model laptop.

Which also leads to :

Which could be a side effect to why Gnome Settings is not displaying a control for a Fn operation that is probably not in use or recognized by the system.

I would recommend finding a solution to your Fn key issue first. Frame work forums has apparently solved it somehow.

My issue is solved temporarily after restarting (upto certain random time), and currently function key works and I am able to use the keyboard shortcut that you mentioned.

But still the Keyboard Settings is not shown on Gnome Quick Settings. Also I disabled the kernel module as reported in the link that you shared (in the previous boot). I have not faced the function key issue yet.

Are you on Gnome 45.2 Check your Settings > About page. Apparently it has popped up for some after updating to 45.2

This makes it sound like the backlight is handled by the embedded controller and not able to be controlled from Linux yet.


I’ve been (slowly :frowning_face:) working on a driver that exposes the backlight via the LED subsystem and the charge limit via a battery hook. While it works, it’s not really “production-quality” and not ready to be submitted upstream to the kernel.

So it is Framework specific.

There is work on a driver to expose more Framework internals but it’s all experimental. Would be wise to seek support there IMO @lamyer

YMMV, no warranty, may break, etc. Has been tested from 5.10 to 6.6.

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