Thinkpad T495 Fn lock: Keyboard issues

Fix: disable sticky Fn key as well as “use secondary options always” or how its called. Everything works normally now.

In KDE I enabled F2 and F3 as the shortcuts for volume again. Didnt get a custom keyboard layout to work yet.

I got a new laptop without dedicated volume buttons. Damn is that a pain. It has lots of fancy things integrated that I dont understand.

  1. Alt+F1 for “Super” in the appmenu doesnt work. Asked already for help. Edit: now it works somehow?
  2. I need to press Fn+Fx keys together to toggle the Fn(hold) Fx (press) function
  3. when long pressing Fn it seems to hold the key, but only for one press
  4. Just holding Fn and using the Fx keys doesnt work. it is totally random
  5. It seems holding Fn+Esc works normally

I will look into the Bios and try to deactivate that.

Some more problems:

Wifi turning off always, Network manager needing endless to load: I deactivated auto turn off Wifi in Bios and let TLP handle that, lets see. Network manager is slowing down boot still, searching for a connection

Thx @boredsquirrel for this nice structured Request. As I see in your title you marked it as Solved:?!

Could you please be so kind and respond to your selves and give us some more information about the Hardware do you use and what you had to change that you could solve it?
So you will help other ones with same or similar Hardware.

Then you can mark your own answer as a solution. Discourse will record it as a solution where you can anytime access it in your Profile > Activity clicking on Solved.

UUps … the solution is here:

I will edit the post