Unable to change VTs using cntl-f1...cntl-f4

Using an up-to-date KDE spin on a Lenovo laptop with AMD Ryzen CPU and AMD Radeon graphics.
For 25 years I’ve routinely used cntl f1 to f4 to change VTs. But on my (month old) laptop, I’ve been unable to do that. I thought that assignment was the default, but apparently that’s been changed.

Can those keys be (re)-assigned? If so, how???

Any help is appreciated.

edit: Switching activities (meta-f1 and meta-f2) works as expected.

I wonder if it is another case of Suspend Problem and Fn-keys not working (Fedora 35) - #2 by glb?

Don’t you have use alt-ctl-f3 etc as ctl-f3 can be used in apps?

Apologies. This is solved. Turns out that my “new” Levovo laptop uses cntl+fn+the function keys 1 through 4 to do this. My “old” dell and HP laptops don’t need the fn key pressed with the cntl key to change VTs