External kyboard Lighting Issue

Internal keyboards back light works all fine but my external keyboard lights (except numlock and capslock indicator) does not light up when i connect it.

The button for toggeling light is scrolllock

To make it work i have to manually edit the file /sys/class/leds/input28::scrolllock/brightness
By doing this light up the keyboard but still there are follwoing issues:

I have to do this each time i

  • connect keyboard
  • press capslock or numlock
  • press screenloack

and the worst part is when i connect the keyboard again, the file always is in new path.
/input28::scrolllock/, this part of path always come with new integer values for ex:

  • /input30::scrolllock/
  • /input40::scrolllock/

so its getting very annoying.
Kindly help me in solving the issue.

Keyboard: Intex Wired Gaming KB+MS (IT-KB334) Combo Set
laptop: HP HP Laptop 15g-br0xx

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I did a web search for linux rgb keyboard and that lead me to blogs that say that openrgb is required to manage the back light RGB of devices.

Suggest you sudo dnf install openrgb and read up setting it up.
I have not used the software myself.

Also you will likely need openrgb-udev-rules package.
It is udev’s job to hanlde issues like devices having changed device paths.