How to turn on keyboard led - fedora 39 with Wayland?

Hello all, i have just switched to Fedora after years of Debian
I am interested about a solution about a command who can turn on keyboard led using wayland (fedora 39) ; as i can see, using X11 i can use command xset led 3 , but clearly does not work with Wayland

i did see this post Leds Keyboard on Wayland
where has been used below command

sudo sh -c ‘echo 1 > /sys/class/leds/input6::scrolllock/brightness’

do you know if above solution is still valid for fedora 39 or if in meantime there is something else i can do for turn of the led (a part to use X11?)

thanks to all!

Why no just try it? It seems that you have installed Fedora.

Hi, thanks for your answer ; i have forgot to say i tried but nothing happened; so i was looking for a feedback as seems a common issue. Once i’ll find a solution i’ll share here

Hello, small update i would share
Looking in /sys/class/leds i noticed that in my case , keyboard led i need is input3
input3::capslock input3::numlock input3::scrolllock

Finally, with this command i am able to turn on the keyboard light (works with Wayland and also if i use X11 )
echo 1 > /sys/class/leds/input3::scrolllock/brightness (echo 0 if you want turn off)


  1. i noticed that works only if i execute it being root, if i run with my user and sudo i got a “no such file or directory” (strange cause path looks correct)

  2. Once i click caps lock or block num , keyboard led ( i mean all lights except caps lock and block num ) turn off , regardless status of capslock and block num.

also would be nice to know if is possible to associate the command with scrollock button, so i could use it to turn on/off like i am doing with windows

for now i will continue to use X11 and xset led 3 command ( with an .sh in autostart )

thanks to all