"no irql handler for vector"

I’m new to linux and for the first time I decided to use fedora 38, but during the installation the error “no irq handler for vector” appeared and I don’t know how to solve it

We have no useful information on which to base suggestions.

I had a similar issue some time past with a particular kernel release, but it was only a message during boot and did not prevent nor seem to harm operation.

Does the system boot and allow you to log in?
If so then please do a full upgrade in a terminal window using sudo dnf upgrade --refresh then see if the message remains.

If the message remains then one may use dmesg and journalctl -b to see the messages that are logged. A segment from each of those showing the entries for 20 or 30 lines preceding the actual message might provide more information.

There are several threads here that may be seen when one searches for that exact message with results that were posted.

The output of inxi -Fzxx may also provide information that would be useful for identifying the cause.