Is this a known bug? 37/38 upgrade

I have installed f38 and I am unable to use system elements like power menu dialogues, application menu rarely opens, it always crashes and the icons are glitched in appearance.
windowed console and software manager make this crash also.

If I use none of these I can load firefox okay and I can access the tty console.

On a crash the screen will black out and after a minute may come back in a derezzed blinking pile of pixels.
This has everytime for two installs bot from a 37->38 upgrade.
Any tips or debug steps I can take?

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We need a lot more info than was provided. Please read the linked page then provide enough info for us to have a chance to answer your question.

The title indicates an upgrade from f37 to f38, but the text says installed

I want to be more precise but I don’t know bughunting in linux all that well. locations of log file, diagnostic tools etc. I am more of a GUI user so the command line stuff I wouldn’t mind a guide on using to locate the problem. If I even so much as use the mouse to pull up the application menu it all crashes. You can see my problem?

PS. installed as F33 went through a series of upgrades. But it’s clean.

Hello @groovypicnic ,
In Fedora, journalctl is the command used to query the logs. So you have errors after booting, while in use. You could try the journalctl command in a terminal like this journalctl --priority=3 to get errors on your system that is currently booted. This would be a good place to start. Also, perhaps a bit more detail on what exactly you do that causes the crash (ie what were you trying to do, app to run, whatever) and any other details you feel may help you solve this.